Storage facilities & Relocation services


Storage facilities

Are you planning to leave temporarily or for a long time? Not knowing what to do with your household or personal belongings may be frustrating sometimes. To help you out of this stress, we now offer storage facilities, which you can rent per square metre and pay monthly whether for personal storage, furniture storage, and storage room or basement or intermediate storage. We guarantee secured storage, long term or short term storage, cool and dry storage rooms to keep your items in good conditions and you will be charged on a monthly or yearly basis. Furthermore, we will assist you in packing, moving and relocating your items.

Relocation services

Whether you are moving here permanently or just for the short-term, you probably have questions.

Which neighbourhoods best suit your lifestyle? What areas offer the best educational opportunities for your children?

Our relocation experts will save you time and alleviate stress. We will answer your questions and make arrangements to have all your relocation tasks completed. From setting up utilities/recycling pick-up to childcare and schooling and even home cleaning services - we will take care of every aspect of your move.

Choose a complete relocation package or any task from our range of services:

Utilities Set-up

Have your phone, hydro, cable, Internet and other services set up before you arrive!


Let us find schools for your children, private or public, part-time or full-time school facilities.

Childcare and Children's Programs

We can help you to find the perfect daycare for your children, whether you are looking for a licensed daycare facility or an in-home nanny.

Appointment Coordination

We can coordinate appointments with appraisers and inspectors and ensure that the title company has done its job as well.

Information on Neighbourhoods

Every community is slightly different - and some are better than others. We can help you make an informed decision.

Sports and Fitness

We can connect you with a variety of options available to sports enthousiasts.


Relocating often means temporarily living in smaller accommodations, therefore you may need to put your personal belongings in storage. We will connect you with the most convenient and safe places to store your belongings. 

Personal Care Service

If in need of assistance with your daily activities such as: daily meal preparation, housekeeping, maintenance or errands, we can provide a variety of solutions for your everyday tasks. Our agents will be more than happy to guide you through all the options available.

Transportation & Courier Service

We guarantee a reliable, secure and fast transportation and delivery service of any variety of items, from personal effects to household items, independently of their value. Relocating can, at times be worrisome or stressful, but we will make sure you will experience a smooth and carefree process.

Health Care & Government Services

Our team members can assist you with choosing the right healthcare program, offering guidance through the maze of all regulations and variety of options provided on site, to make sure that all your standards will be met, accordingly.

Travel Services & Temporary Accommodations

Booking housing and temporary accommodations as well as travelling arrangements can be a challenging experience, but we have learned in time how to provide turn-key solutions for every circumstance and occasion. Both vacation and business travelers can safely rely on our custom travel and accommodation packages.


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